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Peter Davison is uniting the Classic Doctors for The Five(ish) Doctors

Remember a while ago when the ex-Doctors were spotted 'protesting' outside Television Centre? Turns out they were up to something after all: Peter Davison has penned a 15 minute comedy skit starring the Classic Doctors and some special guests, which will air on the BBC Red Button service Saturday night.


Rumours were abound earlier this week, when a twitter account called TheFishDr went live, with several Who alumni on twitter hyping it up as something to look out for:


The account itself started counting down to the 50th Anniversary, popping up a few elusive images as a teaser, including one of a literally-hashtagged David Tennant:


But now, the whole thing has been confirmed by EPG (Electronic Program Guide) information for Saturday, revealing that The Five(ish) Doctors will go live on the BBC's red button service at 10pm, with this description attached:

Miss the classic Doctors? They're back in this celebratory special written and directed by Peter Davison.


So whilst we don't know exactly who's in it, expect a veritable smorgasbord of Doctor Who stars of years gone by to show up!

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