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Phase IV, Embrace Our Ant Overlords

Ants are fascinating creatures. Statistically speaking they are the most successful species on the planet with an array of interesting facts that could astound a plebeian or veteran researcher.

Viewable on Netflix is a rare gem from the seventies which entails the effect of a localized gamma ray burst that mutated a specific species of southwestern ants into sentient and cognoscente beings. Clocking in at an hour and twenty minutes, it is well worth the time if you enjoy sci fi movies and some great seventies era movie stylings.


A biologist and a statistician decide to team up and investigate an noted imbalance in predator-prey relations in the southwestern region of the United States. There they form an observation outpost to monitor this anomalous colonies behavior.

The ants take out their predators, make peace with nearby ant colonies and construct monoliths with a gaping mouth outward towards the source of the gamma ray burst.


The movie is only slightly dated with a few predictable tropes. The beauty comes to play with clever camera angles sped up with various insect interactions as well as live captured ant behaviors. If you can handle insects it is great to watch, if you love being scared and are grossed out by insects - even better!

It seemed to me as if the phases listed chronologically throughout the movie were not the humans responses to the ants, but in fact the ants plans in how to deal with the humans, with the movie title only appearing slightly before the end credits which leads to a very clever subtlety that may imply that the ant's are enacting Phase IV currently [1973].


I for one, welcome our ant overlords.

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