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Phrases to ban from all fan discussion, meta, and fanfic

Let me start with an easy couple from "discourse":

  • "XYZ raped my childhood" (usually George Lucas)
  • "I'm too old for this shit" (unless it's cleverly juxtaposed, and if you think you're clever enough, you're probably not)

And two from fanfic:

  • Anything about "coming in your pants like a teenager"
  • Calling eyes "orbs"

Anything out there chaps your assmake you rhetorically exhausted or even offended (see entry #1)?

Unrelatedly, that mainpaged "chapped your ass" article is exhausting me. I've never gotten so many responses on a post before, and too many of them are straw men or canonically unsupported attacks on my position (okay, maybe 1/5 to 1/4, but that's enough for the delicate flower that I am). I know some of you guys have been mainpaged on contentious shit, how do you cope? Ignore the red number in the top left? Not reply to the ones challenging you or your future children (hyperbole alert)?


I'm just too OCD to not try and read every single comment, but I'm making an effort to star a lot to balance out my innate defensiveness.

Not that I'm mad it's mainpaged! I clearly have a lot of feels on my rant to get off my chest (that was the short version), and it's heartening to see people agree with the "complicated" tag. But so many others have a position I had years ago, and I want to shake them thoroughly. I'm very happy when people talk about their own fandom issues and not mine. Go do that, if you haven't. </please>


One asshole (pardon my Français) gave me shit for mentioning incest (physical once, emotional once) in a lengthy word vomit post. What am I supposed to do? Ignore the largest faction in my fandom? Comment without explicit censure is not assent. It's fucking comment.

OKAY. OFF TOPIC. I want to know what phrases (regardless of opinion being espoused) you never want to see in your conversations again.


Go. I have to go off and google "electrotype" now. No one used that word around me when I lived in the UK.

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