Last night I grabbed my trades and I re-read this series cover to cover.

Here's a summary from Warren Ellis' original pitch to Wildstorm.

Planetary are three people who walk the world for strangeness and wonder. Sometimes, ordinary people uncover things that are best left covered. Sometimes, things best left covered emerge into ordinary life and do not have the world's best interests at heart. These are the times when Planetary arrive, invited or not, and deal with the situation while learning from it, adding to their own knowledge of how this world really works. In every issue, they (and we) learn and see something new, something that evokes that old mythical Sense Of Wonder that so few people do any more...


I had the best dreams last night after indulging. My favorite issue is the Batman/Planetary crossover Night on Earth because it is the most lovely love letter written to a comic book character ever , closely followed by The Torture of William Leather because of the brilliance of linking the Lone Ranger and The Shadow.


Planetary all have superhuman abilities; this is why they were chosen for the work, and this is why they are drawn to the work. These are all attractive people, in their own ways. I personally think it's important for superheroes to be glamorous. They are fantasies, after all, the fulfilment of wishes, and we want our fantasies to be sexy. Otherwise, why bother having them?


Indeed. Indeed.