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Planets on Parade

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[Mutters] Not subscribed to Image of Day...kids these days...when I was a kid I always thought space was awesome.


This is Mariner's close-up view of Venus. The picture was taken with an ultraviolet filter and color enhanced to show the cloudy atmosphere as it would probably appear to us if we were looking at it with our own eyes. That's a 900-degree Fahrenheit surface temperature you're looking at, right there.

This is a view of the part of Mars that Curiosity is headed toward next. This route has fewer sharp rock hazards than other alternative routes.


This is a wide-angle shot of Saturn that Cassini took with a spectral filter that admits electromagnetic wavelengths of near-infrared light. Cassini is about 1.6 million miles away, which gives it a fantastic view of both the rings and the hexagonal jet stream at Saturn's pole. The image scale is 93 miles per pixel.

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