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Well, next weekend is Labor Day Weekend here in the USA, which is generally considered the end of the summer. It’s not just the calendar that is moving on either, schools are in session and just yesterday I noticed that some beers are already selling their Oktoberfest brews. “Prost” and “Zum Wohl” friends!

While most people like to do their traveling in the Summer months because it is more convenient then, I actually love to do my road tripping during the fall, the temps are cooler, the crowds are smaller, and the scenery starts to add some some lovely orange and reds.


Originally I was planning on taking a trip to Portland Oregon this Autumn but a change of jobs and loss of vacation days from the change put a snag in my plans. I’m still thinking about making a trip somewhere over a long weekend this Fall if I can. It’s always good to do some roaming before the Starks are proven right and Winter comes and I find myself home bound for a handful of months.

So does anybody else on Odeck have any travel plans coming up? Anyone else just happy that Fall is almost here ? Do you happen to live south of the equator and are gearing up for you Spring and Summer? Got Something else you want to talk about? Talk about it in the Open Thread!

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