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Play Time-Traveling Doctor!

The Doctor Dolls and Dollhouse can all be yours, if you're handy at crocheting. Speaking of time travel, I found this via Medicine if I were a time traveler like The Doctor… another fabulous post from Orac, in which he wonders if or how could he help people as a surgeon, were he able to time-travel 500 years ago. Orac speculates he might land on the radar of the Inquisition or such other scary entity, for mentioning things such as the germ theory and the need for sterilization. He also writes about how brutal surgery was unavoidable, due to lack of anesthesia and antibiotics. But I'm in no mood for heavy topics, so here are more pics of the Doctor Dolls:


Need more details?

Well, $40 for a pattern for a crochety doctor? Not for me, but they're available at etsy (via forevergeek.com.)


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