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Playing Fire Emblem: Awakening is an exercise in gutwrenching panic

And giddy joy, but mainly the panic. Seriously. I mean, it's brilliant, but oh god, I don't want anyone to diiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeee

I'm not far in at all (like, Chapter 5?), but playing on Classic difficulty - where, if they die, after a heartbreaking little soliloquy they are gone forever - is leaving my an absolute mess during every fight. My heart's in my mouth when a character dodges an attack that would kill them. I'm jumping for joy when they save themselves from certain doom with a lucky critical hit. And god dammit, every time someone dies I'm quitting to the 3DS home screen and trying the fight again until I pull a Steven Moffat and everybody lives!


For an emotional sap like me though, the rollercoaster of highs and lows is beginning to wear me down (also, redoing an entire 30 minute encounter because GOD DAMMIT STOP SURROUNDING MY MAGE AND PEPPERING HER WITH ARROWS NOOOOOOO). Like hell I'm going to suck up and start letting people die, so I'm considering, since I'm not far in at all, just restarting on the casual difficulty where downed units are just K.O'd for the battle duration. Then again, by playing with the risk, it does add something to the experience and heightens that bond you make with the characters.

Anyone else played/playing it? If so. would you recommend me sticking to the Classic mode, or starting fresh and going casual?

(Also thank you, internet, for having Lon'qu/Miriel fan art. Those two are awwwwesome! Credit goes to GraphiteDoll on Tumblr.)

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