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Please be as decent as the first, please be as decent as the first...

I don't want to get my expectations too high, but the first proper trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2's video game adaptation looks pretty swish.

Well, swish for what looks like last-gen footage - the game is also coming in a slightly sparklier edition for PS4 and Xbox One - and for the fact that for all intents and purposes it looks very similar to the first game. I'm a bit weird in the fact that, despite knowing it was an average-at-best video game over all, I sunk a ton of time into The Amazing Spider-Man numero uno, and enjoyed it despite its flaws. Mainly because the primal satisfaction of open-world NYC and webslinging still entertains me, and that still seems in place here. In fact, even better, there's the fleeting glimpse of one of Spidey's webs sticking to a building as he swings past it, something confirmed by Beenox when the game was announced:


Whilst such a trivial reveal might be confusing to most, the confirmation of physics-based webswinging can only set a Spidey gaming fan's heart a flutter - mainly because it brings to mind the last Spider-Man game to do it... aka the only great Spider-Man game there ever was. I literally could not care if the rest of this game failed to improve on the base the first one laid down, as long as it is hella fun to swing about New York.

But either way, sucking or not-sucking, let us rejoice in the fact the box art looks about a zillion times better than any of the posters Sony have put out for the film so far:

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