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Please don't erase non-binary people's genders.

Hi everyone, I know I’ve not been here for a long time and I know this post is not exactly a happy one.

Over the past two years, I realized I was Non-binary (trans gender fluid to be exact) and I have a simple message for the media, please don’t erase our gender.


This happens all the time, from bigots who think we’re liars, attention seekers and should be shamed. From the countless number of forum posts discussing confirmed NB character’s “real” gender as if being gender fluid or bi gender isn’t good enough. To adaptations hetronormalising us like adaption of Attack on Titan do to Hanji Zoe.

As I said in that threa, I’m not happy O’Deck has done the same to Marvel’s Loki (a character confirmed to be NB for years now) in the Valentine’s Day Twinja Madness and I really wish you had either had a nb category or not treated gender as MUST being a male or female and hetronormalizing NB characters. It made me really uncomfortable seeing that when someone linked that post to me and I’m surprised something like that was allowed.

O’Deck was the place where I first realized I was NB and was a place I was comfortable discussing that and I felt safe. I know this was was likely an oversight or a mistake, but still it’s a bit sad for me.

Sorry for this post, I just need to say it.

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