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This is one of the nerdiest hipsterish things I could possibly ask of anyone, but I recently completed a screenplay (third draft) and would love to grab some feedback from a few canny folk to help me improve it.

I have struggled to finish screenplays most of the time. Though I’ve begun about twelve of them, only one ever reached a final draft (link to that one here). It started to frustrate me that I couldn’t knuckle down.


Then a few months ago I stumbled on a podcast that stepped through some lessons to help keep you in that writing groove, and I was inspired to follow through and get one done. So I unearthed an idea that had floated around in my head for ages and got started on it.

My goal was to just steadily work through it, bit by bit, working only one hour a day, six days a week. That way I didn’t feel pressured, and it gave me time to cogitate and consider the next day’s work, instead of stress out over how little I got done. And it worked really well, the first draft took just two weeks, and the subsequent drafts and corrections about the same each. In just over two months, here I am.

So if you’re interested, here is a link to a PDF. I don’t mind if it’s public like this, it’s not as though it will be stolen and distributed through Hollywood, it’s a bit of an ordinary idea. Spielberg won’t be knocking on my door. That’s not why I did it, I just want to get into a steady writing groove and improve my skills, write more scripts, so that eventually I might have something potentially saleable.

This screenplay wears its influences on its sleeve. It’s basically a lot of things you’ve seen before, just pieced together in a way that would entertain me. That’s okay, don’t worry about that, don’t worry about viability, or casting, or budget, just tell me if you think it’s written well or poorly, and some suggestions to make it even better.


Contact email is on the front page. Thanks for indulging me.

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