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Please Steal This Idea: Gotham Needs A Batman

I currently have a full stove: I have work and personal projects, I literally don’t have time or energy to develop new ideas, especially for another comic. So feel free to steal this idea with my blessing. I’d hate for it to go to waste.

Imagine a city very much like Gotham. This city has a vigilante and a cadre of villains that haunt its streets. Our hero is an icon, a legend, someone who has kept the streets safer for years, doing tireless work to keep its worst enemies at bay.


Then he dies.

Through no fault of his own, he dies in costume. Maybe after a harrowing battle with a baddie, he wins the day but succumbs to his injuries before he gets home. He dies, and literally lands in the lap of the people who owe him the most: men and women in a support group for survivors of vigilante justice.  

Now the story becomes about real people. A group of strangers bound by a common desire, a need to make their home a safe one, and take up the mantle. The city needs its hero, or the crooks will run rampant. He still needs to be seen, to make a difference.  

Someone different wears his uniform each night. They have to learn how to use his gear. There’s a tracking device in his suit, and his trusted butler is actively searching for him. The vigilante had allies, people who knew the man, if not the face behind the mask.


How do these average joes survive? Do they get hooked on the violence and the glory? Does it go to their heads? Are they married? Are they insured, when they get hurt? What happens when the baddies start to suspect the hero’s just not as good as he used to be?

You tell me.

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