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Plowing Through Your Saturday, It's The Open Thread!

I guess there wasn’t enough magic in that old top hat to stop a Chevy. Hocus Pocus - Zero. Kinect Energy - One.

Today it’s cold, windy, and slick. I’ve bravely decided to stay indoors all day. I’ve got everything I need like food, water, booze, and a netflix subscription so I don’t think I have any reasons to leave my electromechanical made spring in my place.


Right now the plan is to take it easy and make some ham bean soup since I have the time to slow cook something. Also since I got the new Alton Brown cookbook I may try something from that later today too.

Anybody got any cool plans for this weekend? Living in a place that doesn’t resemble a deep freeze and want to brag about it. Go for it below in the Open Thread.

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