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Podcast: Claudia Christian talks to Jerry Doyle about "Babylon Confidential"

Thanks to Burke's timely discovery of Jerry "Garabaldi" Doyle's syndicated radiopodcastshowradio, you can now listen to Jerry's interview with the awesomely restrained Claudia "Listen to Ivanova" Christian. They talk about her new biography and her battle with drugs while working on Babylon 5.


Jerry seems like a bit of a windbag and is a practiced radiosmooze, but I was more surprised by Claudia talking about the fascinating and perhaps controversial method of breaking her severe alcoholism. They don't reminisce much, and it's kind of evident that their ties were only reconnected after the big B5 reunion last month. But it's certainly worth a listen and the Sinclair Technique of treating addiction sounds extremely promising (they completely missed an opportunity to make a Sinclair joke, nor speak about JMS' revelation about Michael O' Hare). Around 30 minutes long, posted today.


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