You Must Rember This is a podcast that explores the history of century Hollywood by the amazing Karina Longworth. This is an interesting time period and has led to a lot of amazing podcasts on various subjects. It started out with a subject by subject basis, but lately Karina has been doing subjects that are more interconnected.

Karina does an amazing job on this podcast. She narrates but also uses a mixture of allowing the subject to speak for themselves and music from the time. It all comes together in a beautiful narrative history show that feels almost ethereal.

A great place to start is with the ‘Star Wars’ podcasts. Now, before you get too excited, it’s not actually about Star Wars the movies, but instead a series on how different people in Hollywood reacted to the war. One of my favorites is on Charlie Chaplin and The Great Dictator. I just finished the episode on Lena Horne and also highly recommend it. Both are emotionally charged episodes.

If you’re more into the True Crime genre, you can might be more interested in the currently ongoing series. It is a ten part series (there are five parts out as of yesterday) on Charles Manson and Hollywood around the time of the murders.

One of the best parts of the podcast is Karina Longworth herself. She has an amazing voice and it is a delight to listen to. Normally I don’t comment on the voices of the podcaster, but in this case it is just another layer of awesomeness on an already amazing podcast cake.


Episodes are usually around 30-40 minutes, with a few going closer to an hour.

As Karina Longworth would say: join us, won’t you?