Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Dear listeners, something both wonderful and terrifying has happened! Just today, I listened to the most recent episode of Welcome To Night Vale. While it's wonderful that I can now fully participate in discussions of hooded figures and the performance of the Night Vale High School Scorpions (and how much it has diminished since Michael Sandero got the head that spoke English removed), and the various helicopters, not to mention my preparedness to fully avoid discussions of things like the Dog Park, mountains, and angels (who do not exist), it also leaves a Night Vale-shaped hole in my audio listening schedule until the next episode comes out, and will do so again and again for all eternity.

Obviously, we can't have this. Are there any other spectacular fiction podcasts that I should be checking out? Most of my podcast folder is boring old "facts" like Radiolab or making-ofs like Penny Arcade's DLC podcast, and that's all well and good, but I can't just plow through several episodes of something like that in the background while I'm hard at work.


I suppose in the near future a raiding of the audiobook shelves at my local libraries could be in order, but that episodic nature of podcasting seems to truly be the best of both worlds between the distraction of marathoning BSG in my peripheral vision like I did at school, which kept me rooted to my seat but didn't exactly keep my eyes on my work, and listening to music, which tends to be far easier to say "You know what? I can go to the bathroom, microwave some coffee, go for a walk, start playing video games, surf the internet et cetera and not really miss anything".

I look forward to hearing your suggestions, right after The Weather

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