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Pokemon News

You thought I was done, DIDN'T YOU!?

First up is Mega Gallade, who actually manages to make those wings look pretty badass.


And the much rumored Mega Camerupt (favorite of Team Magma's leader) and Mega Sharpedo (favorite of Team Aqua's leader). Camerupt gains the ability Sheer Force which raises attack power of moves with secondary effects by 30% but it loses those secondary effects. Sharpedo gains Strong Jaw, which increases the power of bite moves by 50%.


Overall, I like the designs and new abilities, although Sharpedo just looks too .... busy for my tastes, I think.


In non Mega news, A shiny Gengar will be available at Gamestop stores from October 13 through the 26th. Then Diancie, the first of 3 event Legendary Pokemon, will be available October 27 through November 16.

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