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The answer I've been waiting for. Kanto starter Mega Evolutions!

Charizard looks amazing. If he isn't finally a Dragon type with this, I'll eat my hat.


If I had a hat.

Note to self: get Pokemon hat.

It also looks like we do get a chance to get 1 of them in the game, making me even more worried about the possibility of not being able to transfer my Pokemon from Pokemon Black 2 (640/649 now).

EDIT: Never mind. They also put out details on the Poke Transporter and the Pokemon Bank.


The Poke Transporter is a free 3DS app for transferring Pokemon from Gen 5 to Gen 6. Looks like we finally get bulk transferring without an annoying minigame. It doesn't allow for transferring of cheated or glitched Pokemon. It can also work between games, so no more need to transfer Pokemon between games using 2 systems.

The Pokemon Bank is a cloud storage box for up to 3000 Pokemon. It costs a yearly fee of 500 yen (about $5 USD).


Not bad, but damn I don't think I would ever need it unless there isn't enough storage boxes in the game for 1 of each Pokemon.

Official Art:

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