New Origin trailer and some more info on the fossil Pokemon.

We get what is most likely Tyrantrum's Pokedex entry:

"It reigned over 100 million years ago as king. It's biggest weapon is its jaw that can tear through an iron plate as if it was paper."

We also learn that its ability is called Strong Jaw, which increases the power of bite moves like Crunch. This could make Tyrunt and Tyrantrum great at taking down a number of different Pokemon depending on the number of bite type moves it can learn. It also has the move Head Smash.


Aurorus' ability is called Refrigerate, which turns any normal type attack move into an ice type attack and increases its power. I don't know if that's just the usual Same Type Attack Bonus (STAB) or if its an additional bonus, but still, depending on what normal moves Aurorus learns, this could be interesting. It also has the unique (so far) move Freeze Dry, which is also super effective to water types.


And here's the new Pokemon: The Origin trailer.

Sadly, It's looking like it probably will be only an hour and a half special, but still it looks great so far. It airs in Japan October 2nd, so lets hope it gets subbed quick.