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Poll: The Great Movie Night Budget Debate of 2014

So, on Meredith's article on the upcoming Turtles flick, I made an offhand remark in an otherwise unrelated comment that a movie night out costs, for me, ~$50 (2x tickets + food is about that much here on an average, twice that if I'm bringing the kids).


Naturally, the first two replies were completely unrelated to the point of the original comment, but rather took me to task for paying the listed price for admission at my local movie theatre, and sparked a somewhat heated debate in the follow-ups about the cost of filmgoing. It's a slow Wednesday, I guess.

I was a bit taken aback, but didn't really want to wade into the argument. But I was curious — is there really that much variation in the cost of admission across North America? I figured $50 was about average for two tickets at a theatre chain, plus a bucket of popcorn and two drinks.

How much does it cost you to go see a movie? (Knife-fights below are not encouraged.)

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