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Polling for O-Deck arter prompts

So we had a really good show of people stepping forward as creating visual art, and later showing samples and talking about their work. I know not everyone is in a position to respond to prompts, even before you look at the specific prompt, but I'd like to make it as broad and as inclusive as possible.

What sort of suggestions do you think would work well in this environments? What sort of triggers for creativity (honestly, I don't think it should even be mandatory that you make something new—if it speaks to that picture of a newt you drew when you were twelve, well, as NBC would say—it's new to us).


So think of things that are O-Decky, flexible, time-generous, and encourage as many people to play as enthusiastically as possible (and if this prompt isn't your prompt, hopefully the next will be), and I'll keep notes and try and make a monthly or something schedule to get the visual arters out there.

Sound good?

image from Fine Art America by Paul Van Scott

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