When Jesus Diaz was mainpagin' it on Gizmodo, I used to feel antagonistic toward his contributions, as many did, due to his often enthusiastic, but rushed and poorly written content and the way he lashed out at people who called him out on that. However, I find I'm liking what he's been doing with Sploid and it seems he's really mellowed out. This post about Bob Ross washing his happy brush is proof in the pudding of the new and mellowed Jesus.

Pop an Ambien and watch happy Bob Ross happily washing his happy brush

I can watch Bob Ross forever. Back in college, I used to watch his program—The Joy of Paintingon late cable TV because he triggered my autonomous sensory meridian response like crazy. I'd get goosebumps and my blood pressure would drop. Here's that son of a gun washing his brush again and again and again.

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