Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

There was a great response to our feeler post about moving Pop Discourse forward in a more coordinated manner. Check out that post to see more about the what, who, how, and why of Pop Discourse.


We had a lot of great suggestions for topic ideas. Most were general in nature and for that reason, we didn’t put them in the spreadsheet since each general topic can serve as a basis for a more specific discussion post.

Here is an example of a general topic idea that came out in the comments of the last post and two ways that general topic can be made more specific for a post discussion.


GENERAL TOPIC: Exploration of a theme or topic use in various media. (h/t BangIShotYou)


Example 1

Topic: Genetic Manipulation in Sci-fi Movies

Media: Sharktopus, Splice, the Island of Dr. Moreau (the one with Kilmer & Brando), & Jurassic World (movies)


Format: Roundtable

Discussion: Compare and contrast how genetic manipulation are represented and used in movies


Example 2

Topic: Slasher movie rules

Media: Halloween (original), Scream. Use the first two as primary sources, additional movies to add weight to each side of the argument.


Format: Debate

Discussion: Does following the slasher movie rules or subverting those rules create a better movie?



  • Consider putting Pop Discourse in the post title (example).
  • Add a Pop Discourse tag (of note, if you are sharing via the Observation tag from your personal kinja blog then make sure you also put that tag in your post)
  • Consider putting the bonafides of and/or a bit about the Pop Discourse participants at the end of your post (example at the end of this post)
  • Follow Observation Deck rules and style guide.
  • Make sure you figure out how you’re going to communicate and create the post with your fellow Odeckian(s)
  • Allow enough time to flesh out idea(s), review any background sources (movies, TV, books, games, etc.), and draft and edit the post.


We’ve seeded the comment section with the general topic suggestions. Take a look at those general topics. If you see one that interest you then jump into that comment thread to let other Odeckians know that you want to create a post AND what your specific take on the general topic is. Once you have a thumbnail idea and at least one other Odeckian to create the post with then go to the Post Discourse Spreadsheet to input the info.


These of course are just some general topics we’ve seeded in the comments, like a coloring book page for you to fill out with with the colors of your choice. Feel free to start a new thread for any other general or specific ideas you might have for a Pop Discourse discussion.

“Wait!”, you might be yelling at the screen, “I already have a great idea for a Pop Discourse post AND I have someone to co-author it with! What about me?”. Just go to the Post Discourse Spreadsheet to input the info.



We’ll help our fellow Odeckians with the following:

  • Posts announcing upcoming Pop Discourse posts (similar to Quasi Hatrack’s Upcoming AMA posts)
  • Tips on using various types of web tools for communication and post development (BangIShotYou will be more helpful on this front than BehindDarkGlasses)
  • Be an additional pair of eyes on the post for format, editing, etc.

Contact Info


Twitter: @bangishotyou


Twitter: @behinddarkglasses

For email contact purposes we have created an account to be shared by us both, at least one of us will almost always have an eye on it and can respond as emails hit the inbox. It is popdiscourse@gmail.com and rest assured that any emails received will be kept private (we won’t be spamming you or giving out your address to anyone).


Here is the link to the POP DISCOURSE SPREADSHEET again. See ya in the comments!

EDIT: For the sake of starting things and sharing a few ideas already suggested by others as topics of discussion I’ve seeded the comments with those examples already given or for which interest has been show. If you feel you want to participate in any of those, please, post your comments as reply to those specific comment threads. Like this we don’t have a zillion replies all saying “I want to discuss why I am Spartacus”. We can just have one “I am Spartacus” comment thread and people can reply to it specifically. Anything else you go you know what to do with.


EDIT 2: For clarification’s sake I’d like to point out that the seeded comments I left are not all that’s up for you to choose from. They were just a handful of ideas already shared by others. If you have additional ideas and don’t see them already listed then by all means post them as their own comment and people can reply to them for continuation of the thread/idea.

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