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Pop Quiz - Quiet Record Breaker Edition

What US astronaut has the record for most time spent in space? If you’re thinking Scott Kelly because he recently completed a year long tour of duty on the International Space Station you would have been correct yesterday but not today.


Today marks NASA astronaut and current ISS Expedition Commander Jeff Williams’ 521st day in space, breaking the record of 520 days set by Kelly. When Williams returns next month he will have 534 days of cumulative time in space (assuming a return on schedule).

But his record won’t last long. Peggy Whitson is scheduled to return to the ISS in November. She already has 377 days in space logged and after a six month tour of duty she will have an estimated 555-560 days total which will make her the US astronaut (male or female) with the most time in space.

In case you’re curious, that’s still far short of the overall cumulative time in space record held by Russian Gannedy Padalka who has 879 days.


via Ars Technica

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