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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Possible and actual public-funded creationist education in the US

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Chris Kirk, writing at Slate, uploaded this map today showing where creationism can be taught in the U.S with taxpayer funding.


Green are public schools where state law currently allows creationism to be taught. Louisiana has been suffering this fate for a few years, with Tennessee more recently jumping onto the bandwagon.

Orange are non-public schools that do actually teach creationism in classes and are partially funded by taxpayers.


Red are charter schools (which are a subclass of public schools) which are part of the Responsive Education Solutions charter system, whose curriculum includes creationism.

Go on over to Slate and see the full map; each of the dots have a little story to tell, and each of the states has its own short write-up that explains how creationists in multiple states are basically asking for the Supreme Court to make another decision against them.

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