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Possibly the biggest reveal...

That people who still read Sluggy have been waiting for.



So one of the biggest questions in Sluggy was, Where did Bunbun come from? Its been touched on in Oceans Unmoving, as well as The Holiday Wars. My money says we won't know til Friday, cause Mr. Pete Abrams loves dropping bombs before the weekend. Although, if we find out before then, the mind boggles about what the rest of the week holds.

Mr. Abrams has just recently come back from Intervention2013, where a panel about the Beginning of the End of Sluggy was held. I was not able to go (sob). The panel was apparently recorded, but there is no word yet about it being released for the public. The comic also recently celebrated its 16th anniversary. Whether this means there is another 16 years ahead, or 5, or even one, no one knows.

I for one have enjoyed the ride, and will continue to read everyday. I will also continue to make lame fan art, Sluggy based poetry, wild and rampant spec that is wrong as often as it is right. I will continue to be a fandom of one, and worship the Nifty!

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