So, the opinion has been voiced that meetups would be fun. Since the logistics of it would be pure hell and a nightmare for some of us (who are nowhere near anyone else, as far as we know), there has to be another way.

There's already the IRC chat for movie night, but the point of a meetup is to interact with people face to face. Insofar as possible, some of us introverts might have difficulty with meetups for that reason alone. (Unless booze is involved! To get us talking, right?)

That said, I think Hangouts (via Google) would work for a potential meetup like experience. It could be done in the comfort of one's own home, office, etc. And it's not limited to requiring a computer. Have a smartphone? You can join! Have a tablet? You can too! And participation isn't required. For those of us who are a bit shy or non-photogenic (myself falling into that category). You could always just watch (giggidy). An "on the air" Hangout would make that very possible.

Is this something anyone would be up for? And if so, are there any volunteers to do a trial run? I've used Hangouts for work before (video conferences) and done it mobile a few times (with a few friends, mostly while screwing around and wondering just what the heck the camera in the top corner did and then shocking ourselves when we could see one another in our rooms). So I'm willing to give it a go if anyone else is, for the trial run for sure.


Speak up in the comments below and we'll see what if anything we can figure out, if anyone is genuinely interested in the idea that is. (I'm thinking a practice run of a small group of people doing a regular Hangout at first and then maybe an OTA one with a few willing viewers once we get things down and figured out. And then we could take it from there.)