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Potential WB/DC Movie Schedule

Do we already know the next 7 movies that DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. will be releasing? According to NikkiFinke.com we do.

The sites sources say that, along with the already announced Batman v Superman: Turn Down For Justice, 2016 will see a Shazam movie and a Sandman movie. The following year will see the release of the Justice League movie followed by a potential Wonder Woman solo film and a Green Lantern/Flash team-up film for Christmas. The only movie currently on the docket for 2018 is Man of Steel 2, the film where Kal El goes house to house killing off all of the survivors from the first movie.


If this schedule is accurate, what can we learn from it? First off the powers at be seem to think that a 15-year old boy who calls on the power of ancient magic to transform into a superhero will be easier to sell to audiences than Wonder Woman. It also brings up the curious question of how the Flash movie will be handled in relation to the television show.

Of course this could all be wrong.

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