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So this week’s Doctor Who was... interesting... but it was also strikingly reminiscent of an amazing (if irregular) webcomic. Power Nap shows what horrors truly lurk in a world without dreams.

This comic received a spotlight before on io9, but that was over four years ago, so here’s your reminder. The comic written by College Roomies From Hell creator Maritza Campos and drawn by artist Bachan weaves an intricate and twisted tale in which everyone can happily go about their lives without wasting time sleeping thanks to a wonderdrug. Unfortunately, a few sad sacks are allergic to the anti-narcotic.


What’s really fascinating about the story is that, aside from the obvious humor the premise provides - and the fantastical action provided as superhuman dream avatars fight the monsters of humankind’s subconscious - the comic also provides stinging satire of the human condition with undertones of Douglas Adams and Terry Gilliam (including a few sly nods within the comic itself).

Humans are so placated by technology and drugs, they hardly notice when the stuff of nightmares pops in and out of their daily lives. Only those with the curse of sleep can see things for what they are (for all the good it does them).


Check out the beautifully rendered and intriguingly scripted comic when you can.

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