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Powerless TV Series Name Says It All

The show about a failing business trying to create a market for super hero proof products has been dropped by NBC’s Tuesday night line up and from any night’s line up for that matter. While there’s no official word on its cancellation, that pretty much seems assured.

From CBR:

NBC has quietly removed “Powerless,” the DC Comics-based sitcom, from it’s Tuesday night lineup.While there’s been no official announcement regarding the scheduling change, nor the future of the show, the network has released a revised schedule for this week that doesn’t include “Powerless.” The comedy is also missing from the schedule on the NBC website.An episode titled “No Consequence Day” was originally scheduled to air this week, followed May 4 by “Win, Luthor, Draw.” NBC’s revised schedule has replaced the superhero sitcom with an episode of “Superstore.”


I watched a few episodes of this and at best it was cute, but not enough to keep me coming back for more. The biggest mistake with this show started when it’s premise was a company that repairs damage done by super heroes to products that protect average folk from super hero damage. And personally, I’m getting tired of shows with a cast of quirky characters stumbling around everyday life. And this is the latest in that trend. SuperStore works better with this and even that show is good, not great.

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