Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

New art, no Craig McCracken, and no Lauren Faust didn't leave much confidence in the new PPG special Dance Pants but fortunately it still has that old Powerpuff Girl feel. Spoiler free below.

The Story

Mojo Jojo has an evil plot for Townsville! Shocking I know and I am not going to spoil what it is but I thought the payoff is great. To meet his goals he uses his most evil diabolical plan of evil to replace Dance Pants Revolution that Bubbles obsesses over, with an evil version to turn the girls into Cybergirls under his bidding.

The special was double the length of normal PPG 15 minute episodes but it didn't feel like it dragged at all.


The Look

I actually like the new look. I think it is gorgeous but still stays true to the characters. Biggest complaint I heard so far was Blossom's hair looked to brown.

The Characters

The characters all are true to form for the most part. All of the voice actors thankfully sound like they are back and if I closed my eyes I might think I was watching an old episode. The biggest gripe I would have is the Girls throw a hissy fit in a store in order to get a game and while, they often had times they acted their age, it felt out of character for them. The Professor continues to be a loving single dad and we get some great scenes for him, including an origin story. Ms. Bellum and The Mayor get their own little sideplot that is pretty much what you would expect for the two.


The Jokes

I feel the fact there is a mathematician character named Fibonacci Sequins sums up a lot about the humor of the episode. There are a lot of great jokes in the episode both for kids and adults. Plenty of pop culture references but they didn't feel overwhelming


The Verdict

The special was an enjoyable addition to the Powerpuff Girl franchise and makes me hope that maybe we will get a new series, if they can keep up the good work.

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