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Okay, I guess I missed this on the main page, twice. I guess I just don't pay enough attention to the main page anymore. Anyway SPOILERS!!!

So I'm looking at the torrent site, where I find sci-fi movies I've never even heard of. And I look them up to make sure it's something I somehow missed. And this movie was released in 2014, and it's now 2015, so I guess it was safe to say I had missed it.


Turns out it was released in Australia in 2014. Apparently, if I had waited another week it would have been released here. Maybe. I still had not heard of it, not seen it advertised, so maybe we are not getting it at any of my usual movie theaters.

Anyway, I downloaded it and started watching without knowing anything about it except for the name of it and the name of the main actor. So there's a guy doing something, and he's a secret agent or something, and he gets burned and then he's in a hospital and gets a new face. And then he gets a job as a bartender. And then this other guy comes into the bar, and there's some stuff about the news and some jokes and some alcohol, cause it's a bar.

So the other guy tells the bartender a story, which starts off with "when I was a little girl..." And the bartender acts all surprised, though it seems obvious that this guy used to be a woman. And then the guys gets on with his story, how he was a little girl who grew up in an orphanage and always knew she was different and got into a lot of fights. When she grows up she's recruited to be sort of a space hooker, though they don't call it that, and apparently they prefer the space hookers be smart enough to teach physics in college.

And they also prefer the future space hookers to be virgins, so that they can train them themselves.


And that sounded really familiar, so this must be "All You Zombies" by Heinlein.

Not that it's about zombies, so I guess you can't name the movie that, or someone will sue you.


Anyway, so it was "All You Zombies" sort of, except that they weren't really going to be space hookers, because there aren't going to be enough men in space to need them. And they are trying to stop a guy called the Fizzle Bomber, who apparently kills like ten thousand people in 1975.

Anyway, so I liked it, mostly. And I see now that I missed two articles about it on the main page (in addition to probably missing something about it on Morning Spoilers, cause I generally don't read things that say spoilers). But it seems weird to me that this wasn't a big deal. There seems to be a lot of complaining around here that we don't have any original movies, we have a lot of remakes and sequels, and that there are tons of other books and short stories that deserve to be made into movies while someone makes a Spiderman movie trilogy like ten years after someone has already made a Spiderman movie trilogy. So I guess I thought a movie based on a Heinlein story would have been bigger news.


Okay, did anybody else see it? And if you'd like to wait and watch it on the big screen (and you're in the US) have you seen it advertised at your local theater for January 9th?

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