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Prediction Discussion for all io9 reviewed shows

If you want to say “I told you so” when the other shoe drops and the plot is revealed make your post below. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

So for Agents of SHIELD I’m not sure there’s much left to predict. It seems like all of the shoes have dropped. That said I don’t think Rosalind is Hydra. I don’t think she knows who she’s dealing with. Every review and recap I read seemed to think it was some sort of massive reveal that she’s the enemy. I think what’s his name from the World Council has a plan there, but I don’t know if she’s in on it.

As for our missing Astronaut I think the big plot point there is the people at NASA who knew it was a portal. I have no idea what in the Marvel universe that could be. So I’ll just say they’re Hydra and a VanStrucker organization.


On The Flash we have Zoom. Who I think is Earth 2 Barry Allen. We also have Barry and Patty who I think is a very good thing. If the show doesn’t reveal to Patty that Barry is the Flash before they break up because Barry is the flash I will be sad. At some point let the guy have a victory.

On Arrow there is that grave site that was foreshadowed at the beginning of the year. I really don’t think it is Felicity. I’m going to predict Thea. And since the Lazarus pit is destroyed she might actually be done. If it was Diggle I don’t think it would be the Queen family grounds. If it was Felicity there would be a fan revolt.

And on Limitless will Finch and Rebecca hook up? Will Mike and Ike get real names? Will they go 88mph in a car chase at some point during the season? All that and Morra coming up with the extended season that the network just picked up. I think Sands is secretly a double agent or something and a bad guy.

As for my prediction for another big 80’s pop culture spoof episode. Brian Finch goes Home Alone/MacGuyver on a bunch of bad guys trying to get him.

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