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If you want to say “I told you so” when the other shoe drops and the plot is revealed make your post below. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

So for Agents of SHIELD I’m not sure there’s much left to predict. It seems like all of the shoes have dropped. That said I don’t think Rosalind is Hydra. I don’t think she knows who she’s dealing with. Every review and recap I read seemed to think it was some sort of massive reveal that she’s the enemy. I think what’s his name from the World Council has a plan there, but I don’t know if she’s in on it.

As for our missing Astronaut I think the big plot point there is the people at NASA who knew it was a portal. I have no idea what in the Marvel universe that could be. So I’ll just say they’re Hydra and a VanStrucker organization.


On The Flash we have Zoom. Who I think is Earth 2 Barry Allen. We also have Barry and Patty who I think is a very good thing. If the show doesn’t reveal to Patty that Barry is the Flash before they break up because Barry is the flash I will be sad. At some point let the guy have a victory.

On Arrow there is that grave site that was foreshadowed at the beginning of the year. I really don’t think it is Felicity. I’m going to predict Thea. And since the Lazarus pit is destroyed she might actually be done. If it was Diggle I don’t think it would be the Queen family grounds. If it was Felicity there would be a fan revolt.

And on Limitless will Finch and Rebecca hook up? Will Mike and Ike get real names? Will they go 88mph in a car chase at some point during the season? All that and Morra coming up with the extended season that the network just picked up. I think Sands is secretly a double agent or something and a bad guy.

As for my prediction for another big 80’s pop culture spoof episode. Brian Finch goes Home Alone/MacGuyver on a bunch of bad guys trying to get him.

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