One of these people is Glenn Hetrick and the other is McKenzie Westmore. You should be able to figure out which one is which.

On this week’s Face Off we have the first half of the 12th season finale. The three finalists must create characters for a haunted house experience. Since this is Part One no one will be eliminated. Instead this week is a rehearsal/test run for next week’s final product. Results ahead.

If you’ve been following the show you know who these people are. Can you tell which one served in the Israeli Army?

McKenzie Westmore and judge Glenn Hetrick meet the finalists in front of a house in the woods. Glenn explains that he is creating a haunted house experience and the finalists will each create two characters for a specific room of the house. Glenn emphasizes the insectoid and reptilian aesthetic he wants as a theme in all three haunt rooms. This week the creations will be viewed by Glenn and a test audience so the finalist can refine their work.

As usual for a finale several former contestants from the season are available to share the work. As a bonus, expert fabricator Roy from Seasons 3 & 5 will spend some time with each time helping them out.


Andrew’s characters
KC’s characters


Kierstin’s characters

KC gets Faina & Jill for her crew and has Hell as her setting. Andrew has Nelson & Joseph and has a Laboratory haunt room. Kierstin draws Phil & Suzanne and has a Temple haunt room.


Glenn seems pleased with the basic direction things are going but there are plenty of things that need to be changed or improved.


And of course there’s a twist for Part Two. Each team must also create a floater - a character to wander in and out of the crowd going through the haunted house. There’s a lot of work to do and it’s still anyone’s contest to win.

As always, you can see galleries of this week’s designs, the contestants’ previous work and previous seasons here. Images in this post via screencap, the Syfy website and McKenzie Westmore’s Instagram account.