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American Psycho: The Musical is coming to the U.S.

Because I tend to live in my head, I didn't consider the possible ramifications of toting around a book called American Psycho on my first trip to Europe in the 1990s; though I suppose it was a good thing that I finished it pretty early in the trip. A few years later, I found the 2000 film adaption with Christian Bale to be very entertaining. Now, I normally don't follow what's new in musicals, but I think I'd have to seriously consider American Psycho: The Musical. Upon sober consideration, I would have to weigh the convenience of getting to the theater, the ticket price, and who might be able to attend with me. Stumbling by the venue as a drunk tourist, I would drag whoever I was with to the box office and do my best, "Take my money!" performance and then hope to keep my composure above a Shia LaBeouf level.


Additionally, I'm hoping this musical has some Gallagher-esque elements requiring folks in the front row to get complimentary transparent raincoats.

ETA: It's shame we have to import our own psychos these days.

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