This morning at 8:35 I jumped on Geese Juggler so we could be the first people in the boos store to get United We Spy the last in the Gallagher Girl series by Ally Carter. We then started on books we love (Most) and the dreaded rare books that we just don't get. Juggler's latest book of meh, Divergent. She explained that she didn't connect to the characters, she didn't like the ending and it was written in present tense. And then she raged. Apparently she does not like present tense. She feels it takes you out the moment and she feel doesn't need to know what the character is thinking every moment of every feel. It doesn't bug her in every book but she says there has been a run on them at the publishing house.

I don't mind reading them but writing them is a pain. I usually write in past tense because is easier conjuagatin wise. (That's a phrase where I live.) But now curiosity demands to know who else feels like this. Readers and writers which tense is bet.