The first POTUS elected via Twitter is a 19 year old girl. But is she strong enough to shake up a world already conglomerated by Smiley Enterprises? #HELLYES

Only two issues out so far but straight out the gate DC’s Prez defies expectations. What could easily have been Archie reads instead like Ex Machina (comic not movie). Taco delivery drones and homeless people billboards are weird but nothing that new, from Transmetropolitan to Idiocracy, pop culture has set out some pretty good ideas about how stupid it can get. Instead of being a modern day Howard the Duck, the President-elect Beth Ross starts things off with an assassination attempt. Someone has hacked into the US defense robots and Beth is in mortal danger.

Here’s why remote controlled kill-bots are a bad idea:


And here’s Beth, standing up to the sentries like a total badass and getting saved by some more hackers. Writer Mark Russell was excited about some of the aspects of the book in his recent interview on Prez in, of all places, The Business Insider, but the comic book world he painted there and the one he has created here are two very different beasts.


Not that he had nothing interesting to say. Prez’s characters include (you guessed it) Boss Smiley- and Tina. Tina was built as a Warbeast, a killing machine. But they gave it AI, and it decided it didn’t want to be a Warbeast, it wanted to be a woman. There is some crazy stuff going down in this comic, and crazier still, it is going on without Superman’s intervention. Or Batman’s, or Wonder Woman’s, or anyone else in a cape or tights. Beth gets to stand on her own. I would vote for that.