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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Prisoners of Gravity, Commander Rick needs your help!

In the early nineties, the Canadian public television channel, TVOntario, broadcast an awesome, quirky show about Science Fiction, Fantasy and Comic Books entitled Prisoners of Gravity. The show was written and performed by Rick Green whom you may be familiar with from his role as Bill on the Red Green show, or from the fact he is a member of the comedy troop, the Frantics.


Anyways, the show was available on the TVO website as part of their archive, but it has been taken down. In response to this, Rick Green has sent out an appeal:

Patrick James Asselin mentioned me in a post about Prisoners of Gravity and

how great the show was. I suggested that now that TVO has taken down the 30

episodes they had posted in their archives that a write in campaign by fans

would probably quickly get them back up again.

Not that you don't have lots to do already, but as I wrote in my reply, "TVO

still has the episodes. There are over 100 of them. And for a while they had

thirty or forty of the best in their archives. If enough people write and

request it, they may put them up again. See Neil Gaiman at the start of his

career. Robert Sawyer four or five books into his career. Comic book legend

Jack Kirby and Will Eisner. The Watchmen episode features Alan Moore and

Dave Gibbons. Todd McFarlane as his Spiderman explodes. Dozens of fantasy

writers. Graphic novel creators. Horror writers like Peter Straub. Brilliant

stuff with Harlan Ellison. A younger George R.R. Martin. A ton of stuff with

Ray Bradbury. Incredible programs. An archive of S.F., Horror, comics,

graphic novels, fantasy. Shows on how to draw comic covers, on how to

structure story, advice for people wanting to make a career writing or

drawing alternative fiction. Mark Askwith and Gregg Thurlbeck could tell you

even more about the who's-who of names on those programs. Basically, it's

stuff to die for. It should be seen."

Dunno if you want to spread the word, and get people contacting TVO. Knowing

how TVO works, and how much they want traffic and engagement from viewers, I

suspect it wouldn't take much to have them posting the programs. If we got

them up again, and got more of them up, there might be a chance to do new

episodes, perhaps even just for the web.

What do you think? Can you rally people over the next few weeks and months?

TVO has a simple 'contact us' form on their site,http://ww3.tvo.org/contact

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