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Proper Behavior In A Post-Apocalyptic World

This week’s episode of Fear the Walking Dead has many characters doing things that were not the best choices for the situations they were in (yeah, what a surprise). So here’s a reminder of what not to do during a zombie apocalypse (also applicable to other forms of apocalypse).


First here’s a quick and dirty recap of “Los Muertos.”

Nick does something dumb, talks his way out of trouble, realizes he’s hooked up with a cult, and is okay with it for now. Madison, Strand, Alicia, and Ofelia find the Abigail gone and decide to check into a hotel. Madison and Strand go to the bar and do something dumb. Alicia and Ofelia go upstairs to look. Ofelia may have done something dumb while Alicia is taking a shower.

So here are three things I think should be kept in mind if you find yourself in a post-apocalyptic world. This is by no means an exhaustive list of course. It’s just some observations from the most recent episode of Fear the Walking Dead.


Don’t shoplift from a cartel-run market.

This should be a no-brainer but you’re going to do it anyway, Nick. When I didn’t see you put that snack back on the shelf, I knew you were in trouble. I guess we’re not far enough along in the show for characters to lose body parts yet so you get away with it instead of getting some brutal justice.


But as a general rule of thumb just don’t try for the five fingered discount from a group that outnumbers and outguns you.


Don’t get drunk in an unsafe place.

I get it, Madison. Your son took off to do his own thing. Your man took off after his son. Your daughter is acting like she’s an independent person with her own thoughts instead of just doing what you tell her to do. Go ahead and have a drink.


But don’t finish the damned bottle right there in the bar. You can’t call an Uber ride to take you home. The ground floor of the hotel may be clear but you guys haven’t checked the out buildings or upper floors. If you’re not in a place safe enough to take off your shoes (because you may need to run) then it’s not safe enough to get that drunk (and plinking away on a piano probably isn’t a good idea either).

Of course you and Strand will suddenly sober up enough to fight off the walkers.


Don’t leave your buddy when you’re supposed to be watching their back.

You find an opportunity to take a hot shower so go for it, Alicia. You’ve had a rough time lately. Your brother took off to do his own thing. Your future stepbrother was acting really creepy (and may have been about to kill you in your sleep) before taking off with his father trying to catch up to him. Your mom is treating you like you’re still a little girl. Ofelia has her own issues to deal with but she can keep an eye out while you’re in the shower.


But Ofelia’s gone when you get out of the shower. There are walkers in other rooms on the floor so it’s definitely not cool that she left you alone. What the fuck is up with Ofelia? So she’s lost hope but that doesn’t make it okay to pull a blue falcon when she’s supposed to have your back.

Thus ends this week’s post-apocalyptic public service announcement.

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