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Proper Behavior In A Post-Apocalyptic World, Pt. 2

A few weeks ago I posted about things not to do during an apocalypse. After this week’s episode of Fear the Walking Dead I need to add a few more items to the list (and follow up on an item from my first list). Get your hammers and blades ready because there are spoilers ahead.

First here’s a quick and dirty recap of “Pillar of Salt.”

Strand gets stabbed. Madison makes one good decision then a bunch of bad ones. Despite hooking up with Luciana, Nick finds himself at odds with her and Alejandro. The cartel has found the cult colonia. Ophelia is still alive and headed away from the Rosarito Beach Hotel. Travis is alive and headed towards the hotel.


Don’t forget that your fellow survivors are the real threat

Strand, you did the right thing taking care of the walker bride. One constant in the show is it’s that having captive walkers around will end badly for someone. Unfortunately Ilene, the mother of the bride, turns out to be the bad thing because she stabbed you for what you did. No good deed goes unpunished in this world.

One of Madison’s few good decisions this episode is to establish a “no violence” rule even if it is a little late.


Mind your own business in a cartel-run market

Much like the no shoplifting rule this should be a no-brainer. You were having a decent streak of good decision-making last episode but of course that couldn’t last. You overhear a snatch of conversation mentioning a gringo with ratty hair and lose your damned mind thinking it may be Nick. I know you’re obsessed with finding your only child...wait, don’t you also have a daughter back at the hotel? One who actually chose to stay with you? Anyway, your antics almost got you and Elena killed.


Don’t announce your safe spot location to the world

To quote The Police, you don’t have to put on the red light. What the fuck Madison? Now everyone with a line of sight to the hotel knows not only that someone’s there but that they have electricity too. (And the promo for next week’s episode suggests one of the easily foreseeable consequences.) I don’t think the other people at the hotel will be too forgiving of Madison’s action. Alicia won’t.


And now for an Ofelia update. She’s still alive and apparently driving back to the United States to find the man who proposed to her. Sorry, Ofelia. I think we’re supposed to be sympathetic but the old Army soldier in me can’t forgive you for running off and leaving Alicia alone when you were supposed to be watching her back. Okay, you figured the floor was secure because you two had checked the rooms but that doesn’t excuse running away without saying a word.


Assorted thoughts:

  • It looks like everyone is still pretty close to each other. Ofelia may be the furthest since she’s driving away.
  • Nick was actually trying to do the right thing this episode but in the end it doesn’t matter since the Pelicanos found the colonia.
  • Alicia is one of those characters who the apocalypse made into better versions of themselves. The moody teen of the early episodes has become a stronger person. Given how her mother is acting, Alicia will need all that strength.
  • When Travis sees the light from the hotel, he appears to be alone. It looks like we’ll find out what happened to Chris and his new best buddies next week.

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