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Oh shit, I just realized there’s a shared post with this. Sigh. Well, this time I’m too tired to care. Let’s talk. Let’s talk about trust. *Vin Diesel voice* Let’s talk about family and community. But first, a PSA: Mad Max is the fucking best. Holy shit. Like, if you love explosions, kickass women and men, and metal spikes, you should watch it. See, me, I feel like I was fist pumping for the last two hours, then someone threw a bag of dogshit in my face. TWIST! Because someone abused our fucking trust on the ODeck.

I strive to avoid name dropping when doing these PSAs, call to audition to posts, housekeeping posts, etc, because I want to believe that it’s not about the person when they fuck up or does something that rubs us the wrong way, it’s about the lessons that we can learn from it and help improve our friendly neighborhood milk bar. But look. Mweyer abused our trust. We’ve said time and time again, that the ODeck is a community first, where we share topical stuff amongst us because we think it’s cool, and that someone else might be interested in it as well. We are not here to kickstart anyone’s career, we’re not here to pad your portfolio. When you don’t technically go against our guidelines (LINK! WHOO! READ IT), but abuse that trust and make token gestures towards community interaction, well, first of all, you’re a terrible person, and secondly, it slaps all of us in the face.


Some of you know that I’ve been trying to work stuff out w/ the io9 staff re: mainpaging certain types of articles. Regardless of my personal feelings on how the ODeck is sometimes mined for content, when you fucking plagiarize another site’s content(or come close enough to it that there are legal threats being thrown around) and make io9 look bad, that pisses me the fuck off. It’s like fighting with your cousins, but when someone else threatens your family, you stick together. And THEN go back to spiking each other’s food with castor oil.

My main point after all this (I’m coming down from an adrenaline rush from Fury Road, can you tell?), is that we are going to be a LOT more careful about adding new authors on the Observation Deck from here on out. This is something that I should have been doing a lot earlier, and I’m apologize for dropping the ball on this. But if you ask for authorship on the ODeck, and literally no one knows who you are, or if you flying dragon kick your way in here screaming that you want to do ALL the listicles and recaps, I will only do this:


Because fool me once, etc.

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