I’m always bouncing around for new things to watch and read. This means that I occasionally head over to Hulu to see what’s new. Well, from now until August 1st there are 16 BBC shows you can stream for free*.

BBC shows have had a presence on Hulu since late 2013 but a lot of the BBC content is behind the HuluPlus paywall.

Reading through the descriptions, there are 3 shows with a speculative fiction bent that I thought might be of interest to my fellow Odeckers.

The Day of the Trifids (1981)

Bright lights in the sky, the whole human race rendered blind and helpless, and sentient flesh-eating plants stalking the survivors in John Wyndham’s unsettlingly vivid and thrilling tale of ecological apocalyse.


No Heroics (2008)

Ever wondered where superheroes go to relax? This single-camera sitcom based in an off-duty superheroes’ bar explores the loves and aspirations of four 20-something friends; just like Superman or Spiderman, only much, much less successful.


Dr. Terribles House of Horrible (2001)

From the grisly results of a ballroom dancer’s encounter with a giant pair of scissors to the misadventures of a 19th-century medical pioneer, each tale is introduced by the enigmatic Dr. Terrible and features well-known performers from TV and cinema.


I am personally going to dig into Dr. Terrible’s House of Horrible in about 10 minutes. But wanted to share with you all here first because it is like the Care Bears say, “Sharing is caring!”


*I’m in the USA so I can’t attest to the availability of these shows past the borders of my country.