Last night, USA Network aired Psych The Musical, and if you love the show, then chances are really good you'll like this one too, with a possible exception. But there's lot of fun singing and dancing, and the usual Psych hijinx. If you didn't watch this because you're not caught up on season 7, not to worry, you don't really need to be. It definitely takes place after the season 5 finale (Yang 3 in 2D), so if you've seen that far you'd be caught up with anything mentioned in the musical, and even if not, you won't have too much spoiled (that I can think of).

Here's one of the promos.

Spoilers to follow.




As I mentioned, this doesn't seem to take place from the last episode of season 7. And worst of all, it doesn't seem to be included with my season 7 purchase from Google Play. Chief Vick is still chief, they don't explicitly make any reference to whether or not Shawn and Juliet are still together, or if she even knows his secret, no mention of Gus' most recent relationship, or if Henry has retired (again).

The plot revolves around a former playwright who escapes the loony bin and seemingly goes on a killing spree. The only indication that it takes place after season 5 is we get to see Yang! And there's a reference that she killed Yin.

Highlights: the entire episode, all 2 hours of it, but I'll try to list some more specific ones. And hope Kinja lets all the gifs get through.

- Shawn and Lassie singing and dancing in the duet "I've heard it both ways"

- Gus' Jamaican Inspector, and his line "so black people weren't invented yet?"

- Gus using his "heard about Pluto?" pickup line (thanks Tristan2Z!)


- Christopher Lamberth


-Woody the Coroner's musical number.

- We get a Mary cameo! But sadly, it comes with a price.

I don't get USA (watched it at my girlfriend's place) but if it's not included with any specific season, I will buy a separate DVD if they put one out. And season 8 is just around the corner (Jan 8).