How is the money made? Clicks. The more shame the more clicks. The more clicks the more advertising dollars.

If you had relegated Monica Lewinsky to a semen stained blue dress, you wouldn't have necessarily been at fault. This is what the media force fed you. Lewinsky was patient zero in what would be a blossoming of 21st century slut shaming. If you take the time to watch her TED Talk you may find that you yourself are culpable in mean-spirited, voyeuristic, rushes to judgement. The anonymity of the internet allows us the pretense of moral superiority. It gives us the illusion of better selves from which we can cast our stones but if the scrutiny cast on others was flipped and focused on us, we would scurry under rocks like frightened insects. We gleefully consume other people's private lives and desperately hope it isn't one of our embarrassing moments that ends up going viral.

Public humiliation is an industry and shame is a commodity. Gawker traffics in this a lot and I myself continually need to be mindful of my own personal participation in this shit.

Shame cannot survive empathy.