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“Publishing should be a collaboration between authors and their smartest readers”

I missed that quote from an earlier interview with Denton / discussion about Kinja, but it got reused (since it is an ...interesting... quote) in a more recent interview.

The more recent interview discusses, among other things, how it is possible for Kinja content to not merely be posted on new places (i.e. putting an O-Deck story onto the io9 mainpage) but also retitled, with a new lead written.

The idea is to give anyone the ability to reframe an existing article for any audience. Think of it like super-aggregating: You can share an entire article rather than just quoting excerpts or linking to the original, but you can also top it with your own headline, lede, and commentary. “For instance, say a story was written for gamers — they can translate it for a more general audience,” Denton said. “And, if that URL is shared, it is shared with the new headline and intro.”


So a reader gets to repurpose and share an article in whatever context she chooses, with the original article appearing in full below her headline and introduction, but the original story gets the traffic. Gawker editors can also snap up original reader contributions to Kinja, reframe them, and share those reader-generated posts with the wider Gawker network. Staffers can aggregate commenters; commenters can aggregate staffers; at some point, the distinctions start to dissolve.

I think what this means is: if you find an article and you its title and/or lead to be less than sufficient, you can write your own. You can't replace the misleading/inaccurate/wrong title or lead, but you can create "new" content by repackaging old content and slapping a new label on it.

ETA: As an example, in my second paragraph, I link to a retitled piece of content. The little Kinja link box (or whatever the heck it is actually called, I'm don't know Kinja's HTML coding) doesn't link to that; it links to the original content. If you want the retitled "new" content, click my link. If you want the original titled "old" content, click Kinja's link. Why are both being offered? Eff if I know.


ETA2: As a failed example, now two posts above this in the O-Deck is an article that I wanted to retitle and write a better lead for. So I clicked on "Share on Observation Deck", hoping that would allow me to edit it, and then it ... got shared on Observation Deck, without any edit.

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