So this weekend is the island's biggest convention.

It started out as a regular Star Wars convention, now it has become a monster based on how many people came to it this year(almost 23,000 people).
Anyway, pictures!

Steve Blum signed my game covers....OH MAN, HE IS SOO FREAKING COOL!! He did the Guilmon voice for me!

Me with mister Rooker. I asked him if the mohawk from guardians was itchy, and he said it was red.....I ... What?


Ice Queen. She really did a good job on the costume.


Here is Elsa with Godzilla.

Here is Godzilla with the Regular Show cassette.


Mr Freeze, and (I Guess) Ghostrider.

An almost full body painted Harley Quinn(really great job from the dude from Face Off.


A Ghostbuster and his Ecto 1(the actual owner of the vehicle).

It really had almost every gadget from the movies, even the helmet to study Rick Moranis in Ghostbusters 1 inside the car.


A Jack Skellington.



The littlest of enemies, and they are brothers.



And Chun Li fights Chun Li to get the cuteness of Ponyo!

So far the first day was great, I am also broke cause I bought to much stuff, still great.
The main problem that everybody had was the line. I was there since about 6:30, and it was insanely huge. Next time they should really plan out how the line would work.

Going again tomorrow, and checking if I can get some more pics.