Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Artist James Bridle is truly shocked by the Big Brother surveillance, so he created a shocking art project. You expect modern art to shock anyways, and this one does: it shocks your shoulder to alert you whenever spy cameras record your every move. I'd choose a mild vibration instead of a shock that makes you twitch, but this is art, not some totally unobtrusive spy gadget. Bridle named his wearable art a Surveillance Spaulder, after the medieval armor metal shoulder spaulder. It has an infrared sensor made by a guy named Puking Monkey and it delivers mild shocks when it sense the infrared of wall-mounted cameras.

The device is still at the stage of an art project and not yet commercially available:

The spaulder is not currently a functioning device, due to component shortages and electrical ineptness, hence the over-acting in the above video.


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