Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Question about Jodoworsky's Dune

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Okay, so I've just watched this documentary, sort of.

I downloaded it. Partially because I'm cheap, partially because I'm lazy, and partially other stuff like I'm not sure where you were actually supposed to go and see this thing in a theater anyway.


I've never really gotten the hang of downloading things. My husband usually does it, and he's out of town. And it's not like he never makes a mistake either. I seem to be getting a lot of things with subtitles or just in other languages. Hey, if I accidentally get something spoken in English with Spanish subtitles, that's annoying, but it is still English so I'll probably watch it anyway, cause if I download another one for some reason I often end up getting the same thing again.

So, my husband is gone, I haven't seen the documentary, and my husband isn't that interested so I might as well watch it now if I can find it. And it did not seem that hard to find.


Okay, so there's a lot of people who were in the documentary who were not American, and a lot of people who were not British either. So half the time someone is saying something not in English (I think French, German, and Spanish). And there were no English subtitles, so I just missed a lot of what people were saying.

Surely this is not the way other people saw the film.

Okay, do you think I missed a lot and should go look for another version that has English subtitles, or do you think I got most of it and it doesn't matter?


Also, if anyone just wants to talk about whether or not we really missed out not having this movie made, or whether it's just as well cause then those people just went off to make movies that we probably liked better, you can do that.

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