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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Question for ODeck Collectors

I know we have a variety of enthusiasts, hobbyists, nerds, geeks, or however you all self-identify. Do we have anyone here who collects sports trading cards?

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As I was moving this past week, I found some binders of trading cards my step-dad had collected. I stopped my mom from throwing them out after he passed away because we've all heard that cliche about the guy who could have been a millionaire but his mother threw all of his old cards away.

I seriously doubt these cards are worth millions, but I don't know anything that could tell me if they're worth something. It looks as though my step-dad had collected several years of complete sets of NBA cards, from the mid-to-late 90s. This is either just before or during the time when the Bulls and the Jazz went up against each other for the championship three years in a row.


Can anyone here point me toward some collecting sites or people who might be able to give me more information on these?

(The picture attached is just one I pulled as a random visual aid - it's not an actual picture of the cards that I have.)

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