I've never been much of a collector of action figures or any type of toys. I have a few that I was given as gifts but I have never given it much thought.

Then back in August, I noticed that S.H. Figuarts had made figures of the Android siblings from Dragon Ball Z.

Now, I'm a fan of the Dragon Ball series (more for the original DB) and the siblings are two of my favorites so I decided I would treat myself and bought them (though I wouldn't get 17 for a bit longer due to it being a pre-order) I spent about £50 all together for both of them which I felt was reasonable and they have been very enjoyable and I've had fun with them (I always open figures I get).

I decided to get some others but I noticed that the prices were rather expensive with some being ridiculous like Freeza (who is tiny) and Vegeta, neither I could find under £120 and £140 respectfully. I noticed this with all of the S.H. Figuarts figures with some being reasonable like Yellow MM Power Ranger and Mario. To the strangely costly like the Pink MM Power Ranger and Sailor Moon. Even the siblings I couldn't find under £38 now.


Revoltech seems to have this price weirdness as well (though more reasonable then S.H. Figuarts) with the Eva figures being confusing to understand what's what (why are there so many variations of EVA 02?). Even Lego is expensive. I remember as a kid, I owned a Lego Snowspeeder that I got back 97/98 and I remember they put the price on the box so I distinctly was £18. I looked it up now and its £39 despite being less detailed.

I know that I may be sounding like a naïve kid who doesn't know the rules of the game and I'll fully admit I'm out of my depth with these things. Like I said, I'm not a collector of figures (all I really want is EVA Unit 00 and Future Trunks).


But why are these figures so expensive? Even including the import and VAT factors, given what I've seen from the Siblings seems to indicate that at their current price, they are not worth it (I think I got bloody lucky with the price I got). Hell the Lego just confuses me because aren't they made for kids as their main audience (no that isn't a judgment call on anyone who collects Lego, collect and play what you want).

Why is there this weird price difference for figures in the same series making some more expensive than others (like why is regular Goku more than double then SSJ Goku). What causes that because nearly all these figures are not rare or special editions etc?